Tracker Livewell and water in boat questions Tracker Livewell and water in boat questions
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    Tracker Livewell and water in boat questions
from Rob S. (  
6/10/2006 12:09:00 PM


 I have a 1995 Tracker Pro 17 w/40HP Merc. I have several questions re: Water in the boat. Last week I was fishing in NH with my 2 sons (total of 3 adults in the boat) and the live well was full of water. We had the tube in the hole and the water was up to that level.

Question 1 - Do I need to use a plug, rather than the tube in the livewell to keep the water out?

Question 2 - Is there is no way to empty the well when the boat is in the water because the drain openeng is below the surface?

Also, even though we had rain, there seemed to be more water than caused by the rain in the boat and was bilged out. Not a lot of water, just seemed like moore that it should have.
Question 3 - Is this a common occurrence?

When I got home, I filled the boat with water up to the floor board drains and I saw no water leaking out on the underside. Any thoughts, thanks in advance

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   Water from Steve (  6/10/2006 4:02:00 PM
#1--With the tube in the hole, you should not get any water into the live well. Are you sure you didn't accidently turn the switch for the pump on?? I can't see where else it could come in.

#2--You cannot "completely" empty the livewell when on the water. With the tube out, and running full speed you can drain most of it.

As for the water in the bilge. With the rivited hull, It would be rare to find one that didn't leak a little water. I just hit the bilge switch every few hours to pump out a gallon or so and never worry about it.

***One thing I have found is with a semi-full tank of gas, a full livewell, and one of my "bigger" fishing buddies on the rear deck. Is that water will come in the splashwell drain hole. When we both move to the side of the boat, it leans and the water in the splashwell will slosh to the side and into the opening where the wires and cables go to the motor.

   Steve - I resemble that remark!!! from TrepMan (  6/11/2006 2:32:00 PM
Steve - You talking about me and our day in KY Lake - " one of my "bigger" fishing buddies on the rear deck"!!!! LOL

#1 - Agree 100% with Steve, only way to keep water out of it is plug the livewell, I did that on my 2000 175 when I used the livewell as a cooler, when not fishing or keeping fish.

#2 - On the older models (I think 2003 or 2004 or earlier) they did NOT have a pumpout feature, so you can not get it to empty below water line as you said the drain is below water. You could install a pumpout and while you are at it a airator (basspirator seems like a good combination for a reasonable price).

#3 - If you don't see any water comming out of rivits when you filled up the boat at home, it could be 1) the fittings inside the boat if there is some water in the bildge (hose/fitting to/from the livewell or pump/bildge might be leaking, or 2) as steve said from the splash well OR 3) under the gunwales - could not hurt to clean and put a clear silicone seal where the gunwale is rivited to the sides all around, some of the early 2001 - 2004 (I think) had that problem, might also occur in your older boat.

Trep - Oh and come checkout



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