Yamaha VMax or HPDI --Which is better? Yamaha VMax or HPDI --Which is better?
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    Yamaha VMax or HPDI --Which is better?
from spitfire  
8/2/2006 9:59:00 AM


 Can some of you folks who run Yamahas and have had experience with the VMAX and the HPDI explain the basic differences and give your opinion as to which one is better? Thanks

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   Hpdi from Ole Roy (  8/2/2006 12:01:00 PM
 I owned a 225 that was a VMAX O66, Ran like a scalded dog, Drank gas like a real thirsty dog. I would go for the HPDI.

   Hpdi from Roby (  8/2/2006 12:18:00 PM
  I own a 200 HPDI V-max. It also will run like a scalded dog and drink gas like a scalded dog when run like a scalded dog. however, the HPDI is much more eficient at cruise RPMs. you will get better fuel economy with an HPDI if you do not run wide open every where you go.

   The Skinny from Michael (  8/2/2006 6:35:00 PM
 Here is the skinny in a nutshell..... VMAX= performance, speed, and less service issues. HPDI you will be able to pass a few pumps in the mid range speeds but you will trade TOTAL TOP END performance to get the fuel increase. Somethings gotta give....lol So its what you want to accomplish with your boat

   Hpdi... from Judd (  8/2/2006 10:24:00 PM
 I have never owned a VMAX but have friends who do and only one needed worked on and it was fixed under warranty no questions asked. They are worse on gas when cruising.

I have however owned 2 225 HPDI's. I never had either on in the shop for anything that wasn't normal maintenance. The one I have now is an 06 and actually seems a little stronger than the 03 I had. I wouldn't say 73 in cooler weather (don't know what it will do in this heat as I haven't had her out much the last 2 months, wife and I decided we needed to sell/buy houses) w/ 2 guys 3/4 tank of fuel tournament loaded (no water in the livewells) is sacrificing to much in performance.

I would own another that is for sure.

   Thanks for the help from spitfire  8/3/2006 12:44:00 AM
 I'm trying to decide between two Ranger 188's...one with a VMAX 150 and the other with a 175HPDI. Of course, the 150 is a bit cheaper, but I'm just wondering if I will be satisfied with it. I'm leaning toward the 175, even though I will have to shell out a few more bucks early on.Your feedback on the motors has been very helpful!

   weighing in.... from Champ203<>< (  8/3/2006 9:12:00 AM
 just repowered with a 06 250 HPDI and all I can say is WOW!! Replaced 225 ox66 VMAX and the 250 uses a lot less gas. I'm still under 10 hours so I don't have alot of WOT time, but the speeds I'm seeing are leaving a silly grin on my face....

Peace, Don<><

   Now there is needed info from Michael (  8/3/2006 10:41:00 AM
 Well that is a horse of a different color...I would rather have the 175HPDI than a 150VMAX 25hp is 25hp On the same boat model. Now its what you can afford. My fishing partner has a zx225 with a yamaha 225VMAX and they haven't sold an HPDI that can touch him He has a dual console and is like me Full fuel groceries and cooler. Another that dropped off the team when HPDI hit the mark and kept his ZX250dc with a 250vmax again the team guys can't keep up. As it uses more fuel it puts it at the prop. Here in La. the guys are having overheating issues and There is a new prop in production because the 27p 3 blade Yamaha supplies is too much blade The guys are sending theirs to Hopkins prop and he has been "sweetening" them up dramatically. I only offer this as info from running in them and around them I have been Merc for a while now.

   micheal from Champ203<>< (  8/3/2006 1:56:00 PM
 you should go drive one of the 06/07 HPDI's with the new lower unit, make your own opinions then. As with all products their have been improvements....Yamaha even now lets us spin our engines up to 6000 rpm versus 5500 rpms that they recommended for so long ( I've always propped mine for 58-5900). I not trying to defend my purchase just stating the facts. Will a HPDI outrun an ox66 motor of the same HP, probably not as the HPDI is 100 lbs heavier. If I wanted pure top end I would have repowered with Merc 250XS as the 07's come with more warranty and 87 octane rating....

BTW get your friends to run Tempests on their VMAX and they won't have to have the prop sweetened...

These type of threads is why I quit posting over here, I guess I'll go away again as I see things haven't changed.

Peace, Don<><

   My 150 VMAX blew up from Cuz  8/3/2006 8:52:00 PM
 Had a '99 150 VMAX on a Tr-18 that I took good care of, always ran Ring Free, used Yamaha oil etc. Last year a rod bearing cap broke, came off & busted a hole in the block as it came on through. Out of warranty, cost me $4600 for a remand lower unit from HydraTec Marine. Good motor till it popped. I'm not dogging Yamaha, it happens.


   Spitfire from splais (  8/3/2006 9:23:00 PM
 Only once in my life did I make a mistake and buy a Ranger with a 150 that was rated for a rated for 175Hp. If you are going to buy a performance bassboat, don't buy one with anything less than the max rated horsepower or you will not be happy. I'll never make that mistake again.

   Champ203 from Michael (  8/5/2006 1:06:00 AM
 There is no need to come and go as I am new but have offered no bashing.....In a question comes many opinions and the person asked which is better I merely gave what I know in my area as issues....There is only one bad motor in my opinion and they did it sooooooo bad they had to come up with a slogan "gimme 6" I teamed up with them in the beginning and it ate my lunch I was young and dumb I wanted bigger discounts BOY DID THAT HURT!!! lol Please do not mistake I truely only find one thing that worries me about Yamaha is parts issues Have been in boats a long time and have sold yamahas omc's and mercury and the one thing was getting the parts many a man complained about the turn around. They are a great powerplant but like Doritos Thats why we have different flavors I hope to see your views again as I meant no offense....Mike



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