Do bass eat bullfrog tadpoles? Do bass eat bullfrog tadpoles?
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    Do bass eat bullfrog tadpoles?
from jyarb #11210  
6/27/2009 7:50:02 PM


 Last year my pond was full of bullfrog tadpoles. I had just stocked my bass and figured they were too little to eat the tadpoles. This year there are still a ton of tadpoles and the bass are big enough to eat them.

Did a Google search and read where some people said they were great bass bait, but then read Dr. Keith Jones who said bass would swallow them and then spit them out apparently due to bad taste.

Didn't realize that bullfrogs stay as tadpoles for 2 years or even longer in colder areas. Mine are coming to the top, apparently using their lungs to breathe as well as their gills. Easy target, but haven't seen a bass grab one.

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   yeah, bass attempt to eat anything that moves.. from OrlanBro #17392  6/27/2009 9:19:33 PM
but for best fun combining bass eating and pond watching is baby ducks.. once I watched seven trailing momma get cut down to two before making it across my pond.. most of them were swimming along and sucked under fairly quiet with little ripple.. a pop and then just disappeared..

   symbiosis... from Brad  6/27/2009 9:21:06 PM
 There must be some common element to survival that keeps the tads from becoming prey---

That is where your observation comes in..

I have this incredibly beautiful Koi and one day he took off to eating the population of misquito fish that we have in our pond. Within months their population decreased to a very low level. We made acomodations for their safety and their numbers are way up once again.

We submerged a plastic laundry basket that the mosquito fish can swim in and out of to protect themselves, it works very well.

There are myriad interactions between species that are simply beyond out ability to comprehend, this is obviously one of them...

   say Brad.. you little shixt.. from OrlanBro #17392  6/29/2009 8:54:40 PM

what did you mean by this post you made?

"Could you give us one example of unprovoked muslim violence. If you are about to say 911, you had better be prepaired to prove that it was unprovoked. You probably think OBL was responsible for 911, don't you?"



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